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About Axiom Easy

Welcome to ‘AxiomEasy’ the Intranet web site of Axiom Telecom. Our recent departmental planning activities have provided a context for Axiom IT to think about the future and to focus on strategic priorities to achieve success. Our vision is to become an IT service provider of choice for those we serve, to partner with our internal customers to solve problems, and to deliver powerful new services enabled by information technology. Some of our priorities focus on those we serve--meeting internal customer expectations with the right services and ensuring that we stay tuned to changing requirements over time. Other priorities address internal challenges--implementing industry standards and best practices, clarifying technology directions to guide decision-making, and developing our staff to ensure that our skills and capabilities map to our future aspirations. To achieve success in all areas of its mission, Axiom Telecom will rely increasingly on information technology's capabilities to produce, acquire, manage and distribute information in a secure, reliable environment. Axiomizer is a humble step ahead by the IT Department to make the above challenges and priorities a reality. We’re not about pumping out mindless features at a mind-numbing rate. We’re not about music on your page or being able to make your background a hazy shade of purple (not that we would stop you). We’re about creating tools for people who want to change the way they work. And some of those tools are going to be crazy-great, and some of them are going to be so obvious everybody wonders why we didn’t have them before. But all of them… all of them… will be crafted with care and thoughtfulness, as long as we have something to say about it.” We hope that you find the resources on this Web site helpful and informative. We welcome your comments and suggestions. IT Group Manager Byju Ramakrishnan